Nov 16, 2012

Andy Polhill: 2012 NABBA Universe Champ!

Andy Polhill from Dunfermline in Scotland won his class and the overall title at the 2012 NABBA Universe earlier this month. The 43 year old, 5'6.5" was third in the show in 2011, his first contest at the time since 2008. Read more about him here.


showmethemuscle said...

LOVE Andy! He's got an amazing physique, not the biggest guy in the world but it's all top-quality beef! He's also a major cutie too! That cheeky grin and those twinkly eyes really appeal! He always seems like such a nice lad too which, as much as thinking he's a major hottie with an incredible bod, made me very pleased that he won the big prize. Well done Andy!

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oceej said...

Thanks for throwing the spotlight on him. He gets far too little attention.

There is only a small amount of footage of him, and he is superb.

Well done Andy, you have more fans/supporters than you think.