Jul 27, 2012

Rick Figoni: 2012 NPC USA, Heavyweight!

Figoni made the first callout in the heavyweights along with Anthony Pasquale, Caleb Blanchard, Rob Yourlls, Rafael Jaramillo and Aaron Clark.

Dave Palumbo at the RxMuscle Play-by-Play wrote:

"Crazy upper body... Thick pecs... Striated glutes... Shredded hams... Legs are striated... Great polished tan."

At MD's Paly-by-Play Shawn Ray, George Farah and noted:

"Big kid in shape! Thickly built, excellent condition!"

"Really conditioned! Front runner for sure!"

"Really wide and thick across the shoulders. Pretty good from the back from the shoudler up. Front lat spread impressive but overpowers his legs."


muscleartist said...

damn... another Italian stallion. Handsome and huge. Hope he brings up the legs soon.