Jul 9, 2012

An Nguyen: 2012 Wings of Strength

An Nguyen made his pro debut this weekend in Chicago at the 2012 Wings of Strength. He finished 3rd!

During prejudging Chris Aceto for RxMuscle wrote "A nice body Holding some water on front and a bit flat, Glutes are hard but softish in back. I think as a whole look great needs more time to train to give an edge to that balance that he naturally possesses." George Farah at MD's Play-by-Play thought "good shape, very good symmetry, the best of An is here!"

More pictures at MD and RxMuscle.


Anonymous said...

I would have loved being at the 2012 Wings of Strenght show. Just look at the top winners! An Nguyen looked no doubt the best he has ever looked.
Essa Obaid and Fred Smalls were superb!

Anonymous said...

Just standing relaxed in that clip, he looks more impressive than those "bodybuilding poses" of the pictures.