Jul 7, 2012

Erik Fankhouser: 2012 Wings of Strength

At this weekend's inaugural 2012 Wings of Strength Chicago Pro, Erik was in the first callout along with Atoyan, Nguyen, Obaid and Smalls. At MD's Play-by-Play George Farah liked Erik a lot but would "like to see him harder... upper improving a lot." Over a Rx's Play-by-Play Chris Aceto wrote "Legs are WILD!!!!! Great front double. VERY good front lat spread. This is a good version of this kid! Back shots could be harder though. 1000 Times better then Mr O." Erik didn't place at the 2010 Mr. O, his last competition before taking 2011 off.

More pictures at MD and RxMuscle.


Maturemsclbldr said...

EXCELLENT - he's come a long way and I love the quads and calfs - EXCELLENT.

Anonymous said...

Those calves are unbelieveable: genetic gifts pushes to their freakiest extreme.