Jul 28, 2012

Aaron Clark: No Shit! IFBB Pro!

From last night's prejudging:

MD's George Farah wrote, "Top 5 Guy for sure no weakness" and Shawn Ray thought "Thick, dry and On!"

Over a RxMuscle Palumbo said "Thick delts... Striated triceps... Great front lat spread... Glutes/hams are freaky... Good back double..."


Anonymous said...

No shit! Aaron Clark must have been creamin' in his blue trunks after winning the NPC USA heavyweight Great shape and great posing. No doubt he deserved it!

Anonymous said...

Man I use to work at the same gym he trained at mostly for this championship, h
We use to call him 2D as in 'too diesel' but then he became even more monstrous and we called him 3D by then lol, he def deserves it at such young age