Jun 17, 2012

Greg Doucette: Prepping for Nationals!

World Powerlifting Champion, and bodybuilder, 5'7" 36 year old Greg Doucette from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Greg was the heavyweight and overall champion at the 2012 NSABBA Provincial Championships on April 14. In the clips below "Mutant: Greg is 11 weeks out from the 2012 Canadian Nationals, and 14 weeks out in the ones below.

It has been a while since I posted anything about Greg who was third in the middleweights at the 2009 Canadian Nationals. He took time off to grow and focus on his powerlifting, placing first, for example, at the 2011 Raw Unity 4 Powerlifting Meet in Tampa Bay, FL. Weighing 197lbs he benched 524lbs!

More about Greg at Mutant and here.


Unknown said...

That quad machine video is SO hot. He would make a great muscle bottom.