May 23, 2012

Dan Newmire: Jr. USA Overall!

At MD's Jr. USA Play-by-Play with Don Long, Don wrote that Dan was in "great shape, good condition, big calves, back could be wider but thick chest."

At RxMuscle's Play-by-Play with Aaron Singerman, Aaron thought Dan was "looking very big. Not holding much water. Maybe a film over his glutes, but he’s very impressive. This maybe the best Dan Newmire ever." And at 254lbs he probably was... so far!

Dan training a couple of weeks before the show:


muscleaddict said...

Dan's amazing! The big thick plump juicy muscle tits & the handsome/gorgeous looks coupled with the big bald butch head. Muscle spunk on a stick!!

Anonymous said...

Like with big Dan Newmire, dose the saved head help you win a major contest? Maybe Dan is the only one that can answer that.

Anonymous said...

Shaved head could help.