Mar 26, 2012

Nick Trigili: One to Watch!

I should post more about 290 plus pound Nick Trigili!

Nick is looking to earn himself a pro card at the 2012 NPC USA in Vegas this July.

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure those are Nick Trigili's legs or are they trees?
Firm and Solid!

Anonymous said...

For real! Big ham hock thighs!!! That's a lot of meat.

Anonymous said...

He did a "massage" vid where he got jacked off, worshipped and his ass eaten.

I'd love to see him get fucked.

Anonymous said...

Nick has good looks, a great physique and he loves to show it. Whether you watch him on stage competing in a BB contest, working out in the gym, or shooting his load into a guy mouth until he chokes, he is pure alpha male on a trip with the juice to become huge.
Hard not to like.