Mar 12, 2012

Fouad Abiad: Arnold Classic, 11th


musclefanhouston said...

Evan and Fouad are my 2 favorite BBers. Fouad could have placed as high as 6 but he left too early before the 2nd round judging!
He's apparently well hung too. Haven't seen such big bulge since Craig Titus or Kevin Levrone.

Cochynolo said...

I'm starting to believe these competitions are a total fraud. How could possibly this body be for 11th place? Same goes for Gustavo Badell. The judges are obviously paid in advance and the whole thing is just a show. And I know how bad all these guys want to win. Makes me sad because I know they are too.

muscleartist said...

Fouad left early before the final score, big mistake. Even without full judging he didn't place last. He could be 6th of 7th. He screwed up.