Feb 19, 2012

Mark Dugdale: 2012 Flex Pro

Two Weeks out:



Thoughts from MD's Play-by-Play...

Hidetada Yamagishi: "He is off from his best but great shape & Symmetry!"
Shawn Ray: "We have seen him harder but he is planning on Peaking in Arizona next week!"

And Palumdo at Rx Muscle...

"Excellent tan... conditioning is too soft from behind... Not the DUGDALE of GRANITE STONE we’re used to seeing... Great side poses... especially the triceps."


Anonymous said...

"Off from his best" is a polite way of putting it. I thought Dugdale's conditioning was horrible in this most recent showing. He's getting that burnt-out aged look that happens when it's time to leave the competitive stage. Too sad, but it happens to everyone.

Cochynolo said...

Time to leave? You must be joking. Are you saying he should sit on the couch, watch TV, eat snacks and have a body like all other men his age? Maybe we're not seeing the same picture here because all I see is muscle, muscle and more muscle. He's all man.

Anonymous said...

I said nothing about Dugdale's age; I don't know his age or care what it is. It's amazing you paint such a picture of what "aged" men do -- are you writing from your own experience?

Anonymous said...

MARK DUGDALE is one of the best PROBB actually.
Maybe he'll compete next year in best shape.
He's a good dude and my buddy.
I do admire him so much as PROBB.At the same time I do appreciate him as my buddy.
I love him, his wife and the girls.All good peoples.

Anonymous said...

One of the best American bodies.
He's not in shape actually but he'll compete next year so he'll be fine.
Great build and great dude.
I love him and his family.They're part of my own family.