Feb 3, 2012

Evan Centopani: Five Weeks, 271lbs!

From Ron Harris over at MD, with a new training video coming this weekend!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's a case of too much is not a good thing. For some reason, though he is huge, he simply does not lOok as good as he used to. HIs body just looks off, and he looks much older than he is.... Needs to back off the GH a bit!

Cochynolo said...

Too much of what? Super hotness? Muscle mass? Gorgeous face? Amount of cum I spilt on these photos? I believe your case is not having the ability to recognize perfection, leading to confusion, therefore causing rejection and satisfaction with something less (read compromise). Which turns out great for us, true muscle lovers who know how to appreciate bodybuilders and their perfectly sculpted bodies.