Jan 29, 2012

Sergey Bazarov: 275lbs!

The monstrous Сергей Базаров, aka Sergey Bazarov, weighing 275lbs six weeks before the 2012 Arnold Amateur. 5'10" Sergey placed 4th in the super heavies at the 2011 Arnold Amatuer Europe last October, and 6th at the World Amateur Championships in 2010.

You might remember Sergey way back when, standing next to that other Russian monster Alexey Lesukov at the 2007 European Juniors Championships, where he placed 3rd behind Alexey and Roman Havryschuk.


Cochynolo said...

There's always something delicious cooking in the Russia.

muscleaddict said...

What a beast!! Love him!

Bob said...

excuse me, I may be out of it but who is the man on the right? is he the same Russian guy who resembles a blimp in the off season? What a transformation - I'm hooked!