Jan 11, 2012

Santana Anderson: Prepping for the FIBO

266lbs at the beginning of December in the picture on the left, 262lbs on the right, this week, 14 weeks out from the FIBO Power at the end of April in Essen, Germany.


Anonymous said...

I guess I just don't get the tat's on these guys who work so hard to develop outstanding physiques and then degrade the effort with tat's.
I find then distracting and look at them instead of the true muscle that doesn't come easy.

Cochynolo said...

But those tat's are complementing his physique quite nicely. How can that be distracting when there's so much muscle to drool over?

jockboy said...

personally, i'm tired to death of the anti-tatt posters on the muscle sites.

cumonurpecs said...

personally i'm not too fussed about the tatts.theres too much muscle to view to be distracted!!and this guy rocks!!