Jan 9, 2012

Micah LaCerte: 2011 WBFF Muscle Model

The 6' 220lb 32 year old from Kansas City, MO, Micah LaCerte is not just a fitness model and personal trainer but a "life coach" and published author.

Micah was the inaugural Muscle Model Champion at the 2011 Wbff World Championships

The Muscle Model category was added to the WBFF line up this year. According to Micah "The muscle model is like a Male Figure, Its judged head to toe front to back but face and marketability are also in the judging, unlike Bodybuilding. This category was designed for the bigger fitness model, or smaller bodybuilders who are looking to compete for business purposes and building their name and brand."

So basically, no board shorts?

In the countdown to the show, Micah looked like this:

See more of Micah at Model Mayhem, his official website and his personal training website, HitchFit.


Anonymous said...

He's a "life" coach at 32? Please! To coach life, I think one must have led one, not just be at the beginnings of it.

Micah Lacerte said...

Thank you so much for this great opportunity. My passion is just to inspire and motivate people around the globe. Mr. Anonymous we all go through ups and downs in life, I have gone through many tough things making it very easy for me to relate to others and in turn transforming others, I have 1600 clients in 60 countries right now www.hitchfit.com with proof that this 32 year old knows as much as I need to about life to transform anyone that is ready

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, your Facebook "friends" and "clients" just adore you. And you know "as much as you need to know" at only 32? That's a sad statement; no room for growth or improvement.