Dec 20, 2011

Day 5: Hidetada Yamagishi

Before and at the Phoenix Pro in August where big Hide was runner up to Troy Alves.

Trained by Eric DiLauro Hide finished 10th at the Olympia this year:

Guest posing at the 2011 GNC NPC Colorado Natural on October 22:

And at the Arnold Europe, finishing 6th:


jockboy said...

God, Hide is fucking sexy. Incredible body, and his presence is electric -- he loves showing it off for the crowd and he knows he's goooood. Great vid clip of him guest posing, especially since he also shows off that big fat cockhead in his posers. Love to get skullfucked with that Hide dick!

Anonymous said...

Underwhelming arms.

Anonymous said...

Watching Hide you can feel the power radiating from inside of a true champion. Fantistic posing and strength!

Cochynolo said...

He looks much better with that short haircut in the video. Since he's short, I was hoping he would grow a gut like Alessandro Savi. Oh well, maybe someday.