Dec 3, 2011

Day 22: Brad Rowe

Heavyweight Brad surged back from a disappointing 16th at the North Americans in September to a nice 3rd place finish at the Nationals last month.

12 days out, 239lbs:

11 days out, 235lbs:

RxMuscle's Dave Palumbo noted that Brad had:

"Great tan... Freaky legs... Great glutes/hams/calves... Lower back can be drier... Very polished looking."

Along with numerous photo shoots (with the likes of Jeffrey Sygo - which I opened with - and Ulrich Oehmen - below) and a Carmax commercial, Brad's 2012 turned out pretty OK.

Visit Brad's official site or YouTube Channel, though I am sure I will be posting many more pics and clips of Brad in 2012!


muscleaddict said...

Loving this Countdown to Christmas! Cant wait to see what other muscle freaks you feature!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree w/ muscle addict, NTBB is great all year, Christmas countdown just tops off the year....thanks for all the posts....FJP

Cochynolo said...

That ass is all I'm interested in.