Dec 4, 2011

Day 21: Robert Piotrkowicz

It's been a busy 2011 for Piotrkowicz. The big Pole placed 3rd at the Tijuana Pro, 4th at the European, 5th in Toronto, 6th in Phoenix, Tampa Bay and Essen, Germany for the FIBO Pro (pictures above and clip below).

Then at the 'lower end' of the spectrum he placed 7th at the Orlando Europa and Arnold Europe... and somehow then didn't even place at the Olympia!

Yes, Piotrkowicz looked pretty good to me, but the likes of Curry, Dohne, Jackson, Nunn and Richardson all beat him to the 8 to 15 spots...


muscleaddict said...

Awesome choice. A big butch bald bodybuilding monster! Thick pecs, huge delts, crazy quads, a hot pair of glutes, and his abs look like stacks of bricks!

Anonymous said...

I want my big pole up his hot effing...Robert is one sexed up roid-bellied muscle machine. so gorgeous.