Dec 5, 2011

Day 20: Kevin Tomasini

After a couple of year absence from the competitive circuit, 5'9" Kevin Tomasini roared back with a second place finish in the supers at the 2011 Jr. Nationals. The clips below feature Big Kev about one week out from the the show:

Around six weeks later, at the NPC USA in July, Kev fell to a surprising 11th in his class. With the new look (shaved head and goatee), impressive size and great attitude, as long as the 32 year old doesn't take another couple of years off, he's my pick to be the next Branch Warren!


Muscle Lover Greece said...

I full agree with you! The new Branch Warren :)

muscleaddict said...

Wow..never seen this guy before! Loving the big bald butch daddy look!! Sexy as hell. Loving the way he sticks his tongue out too when he MM's..big cocky daddy muscle freak. WOOF!!

musclexboy said...

Sweet and gorgeous man.
He needs to work his back though.
I wish he does not destroy his marvelous physique by getting monstrous and ugly as Warren