Dec 6, 2011

Day 19: Victor DelCampo

Happy Birthday Vic!

During RxMuscle's Play-by-Play for the 2011 NPC Nationals last month Dave Palumbo wrote of Victor:

"Super thick and ripped... No gaps in his physique... Will be tough fought battle with BARLETT... Fantastic back."

Described by MD's George Farah as the "Little Dorian!" co-commentator Shawn Ray thought Vic was "Thick, won class at USA in July! Harder from the front... Back is wide!"

Unfortunately, Vic lost the class, and the pro card that went with it, to JB Bartlett, the guy he handily beaten at the USA in July... only to have lost out on pro card at the time to overall champ Steve Kuclo, along with the heavy, light-heavy and middleweight champs).

If I was Vic, I'd be a tad pissed... don't you think... I think it should have been his year, fighting through the cramps onstage at the USA et al.

But, Vic has given us some of the best photos this year and is one of the few competitors who is not afraid to show his progress week by week as he preps for his contests.


Anonymous said...

MASSIVE short guy and HOT!