Dec 7, 2011

Day 18: Joel Thomas

My ninth post of young heavyweight Joel Thomas since June.

Weighing 245lbs in the clip above, as he prepared for the 2011 NPC North Americans where he placed 3rd in the heavies, Joel went on to place 6th in his class at the 2011 NPC Nationals (not quite as good as his 5th place finish in 2010).

Dave Palumbo commented that Joel was "unbeatable from front and sides... [but] Way too soft from behind... Glutes/hams underdeveloped." Get that backside up to scratch and Joel's a top contender!


Anonymous said...

Finally! Even Dave Palumbo thinks Joel Thomas needs to beef up his ass; the thing is just flat.

Robert S said...

Joel Thomas is a muscle dream come true. He is the best looking man I have ever seen