Dec 10, 2011

Day 15: Jason Huh

In the clip above big Jason Huh training one week out from his pro debut at the New York Pro, weighing in, with his belt, anywhere from 265 to 270 lbs.

Huh placed 8th in New York and went on to finish one better, 7th, just a month later in Tampa.


Cochynolo said...

Next to Mohamed Salama, this guy made me shoot many liters of cum throughout 2011. It's a pleasure just watching him talk, work out at the gym and flex on the stage. He certainly deserves his place in this countdown.

muscleaddict said...

Jason is a FREAK!! When he squeezes those most muscular crab shots I wanna cry...tears of SPUNK!!

dallasmsl said...

Jason is looking a lot better! He's finally getting a hold of that GH gut. Looks like he's had a few colon cleansing sessions. Works wonders.