Dec 11, 2011

Day 14: Troy Alves

Troy Alves is like a good wine, one who seems to get better with age (a cliche I know). Competing at the Masters Pro World in Miami Beach this weekend, Troy placed 5th (behind Dexter Jackson, Toney Freeman, Bill Wilmore and Edward Nunn).

During prejudging at MD's Play-by-Play, with former Mr. O Dorian Yates, Shawn Ray and Kevin Levrone, the commentators noted:

Yates: "Looks great. Vascular and dry. It's not the absolute best I've seen him, but he'll obviously do well here."

Ray: "Strong Back, bigger, sacrificed condition for mass."

Levrone: "Looks nice & Full, Impressive! Still early now though... Could be harder from lower body. Bigger!"

And later, at the evening show:

Yates: "Again, not in the best condition I've seen him. He is thick, but could be drier. The crowd loves him."

While Sean Andros chimed in with: "Alves is much fuller than he was this morning - that could have shaken up the top group if he peaked earlier."

Earlier in 2011, Troy won both the Battle of Champions and the Phoenix Pro (beating Freeman and Nunn in the process), but unfortunately didn't bring his A-game to the Olympia and didn't place there. At this weekend's World Pro Masters one forum member wondered who Alves had pissed off on the judging panel to not have placed higher, at least in the top 3... you do have to wonder...


jockboy said...

This is a Troy Alves FEAST.

Wish I could explain my obsession for Troy. Just find something so hot, so erotic, so sexual about him that he drives me crazy. Every pic becomes a jackoff pic lol

Love it that he's mid-40's and still looks so fucking good, love the strong masculine face, the hot black body, the demeanor on stage, the way he packs those posing trunks. No doubt there's a big black cock there.

Troy gets me off just about ore than any other bodybuilder, and I'd love to lick him down -- right before I suck him dry.