Dec 12, 2011

Day 13: Tim Budesheim

Photographed above by Reiner Dahms, 5'9" Tim Büdesheim from Hohenroda in Germany only turned 21 this past May. However Tim started making a splash on the German bodybuilding scene when he was just 19.

After winning the German Youth Champion in the spring of 2008, Tim was runner up at the 2009 German Championships in the Junior heavies. He went on to win the class and the overall Junior title in the competition in 2010, and then placed 4th in the class at that year's World Amateur Championships.

In 2011 Tim placed 3rd at the Int. NRW Championships (above), and won the Junior titles at both the Arnold Amateur Europe and the World Juniors Championships at the end of November in Santa Susanna, Spain.


Anonymous said...

When is he gonna start doing dirty videos and escorting like his fellow Germans Christian Engel and Steve Benthin?

Anonymous said...

What kind of comment is that? "when's he gonna start doing dirty videos....?" The only dirty thing is that "anonymous" poster's mind. And if there weren't a market for bodybuilders to do worship videos and escorting, then none would do it, would they?