Nov 7, 2011

Mark Erpelding: Four Weeks Out!

Four weeks out from the Nationals, Mark Erpelding looking to make splash in 2011.

35 year old Mark Erpelding from St. Louis, MO has done well in California competition, winning the heavies and the overall at the 2010 California Championships (above) and 2008 Excalibur, but its been a few years since he placed high at a national level comp (the 2005 North Americans where he won the light-heavies). At his last show, the 2010 USA, he placed 14th in the heavies (below):


Anonymous said...

I am going to get reamed but, Mark used to be so handsome. What happened to his face???

Look at this video:

Anonymous said...

Are you effing kidding me...Mark is gorgeous.