Nov 28, 2011

Jean-Pierre Fux: Muscle Icon

5'11" (or is it 6'1") Swiss-born "JP" last competed at the 2003 Night of Champions. The now 43 year old first made a splash at on the international scene at the 1994 World Amateur Championships where he won the heavyweight class. Fux weighed 280lbs at the 1996 Arnold Classic when he was only 27 years old. He placed 9th at the show (with Kevin Levrone taking first, for the second time).

1996 seemed to be Fux's most successful year: he was runner-up at the Russian Grand Prix, 4th at the Swiss Grand Prix, and finished 5th at both the Czech Grand Prix and San Jose Pro. In '97 he finished 7th at the Olympia, his best placing at the big show.


Anonymous said...

What a treat to see massive JP again! Anyone know what he is doing today?

Cochynolo said...

Probably making some woman very happy with his body.

Toby said...

He probably has the thickest, bulkiest lats I think I've ever seen, and as he isn't exactly short (6 foot 1), all the more incredible.