Nov 20, 2011

Armon Adibi: 2011 NPC Nationals, Heavyweight, 8th

It's been a little while since I featured Armon, who stepped onstage this weekend at the NPC Nationals in South Beach, his first competition since the 2010 NPC Sacramento Championships where he was runner up in the heavies.

RxMuscle's Dave Palumbo wrote of Armon during prejudging "freaky conditioning... Striated glutes... xmas tree back... great most muscular... Legs are a little flat."

Over at MD Shawn Ray noted "Thick & Hard! Onion Skin! Razor sharp! A little more back thickness" and George Farah wrote "Hard! Shredded!"

The 28 year old, 5'10" Texan 19 days out from the Nationals above, while you can find more of him at his website, Model Mayhem and Muscle Gallery.


muscleaddict said...

Wow!! What a freak. Absolutely love him!

Anonymous said...

what's not to love with this guy???

Anonymous said...

Armon tops off this Sunday worship. Committed to be great and shows it well. The slabs of freaky muscle are just awesome.

Anonymous said...

you can tell he's hitting the steroids pretty hard - all his great hair is leaving him