Oct 2, 2011

Miha Zupan: Countdown to Madrid

Twelve days out from the inaugral Arnold Classic Europa next weekend in Madrid.

Slovenian Zupan was runner up to Stefan Havlik in the heavies at the European Amateur Championships last May (pictures below). In 2010 he won the overall at the NABBA Mr. Universe.


Cochynolo said...

I have to correct you. This perfect man is from Slovenia, not Slovakia. Therefore, he is Slovenian. I would bow in front of him and worship this extraordinary physique.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite foreign muscle butts; he never fails to thrill. Just hope he stops with the tattoos

Anonymous said...

I have a pleasure to work out in his gym. ZUP is really dedicated and we are all proud of him.
And BTW-
He is from sLOVEnia.

Cochynolo said...

Simona, you are so lucky. I envy you.