Oct 13, 2011

Matt Mendrun: Betty White's "I'm Still Hot"

Model and light-heavy competitor Matt Mendrun, who placed 8th in the open and won the novice class at the 2011 Cal State Championships earlier this year, wearing little gold shorts for his role in The Lifeline Program's video.

Surrounding Betty in the video for Luciana "I'm Still Hot," alongside the likes of Joey Sergo and Mike Birdsall, the group was photographed by Mike Ruiz.


Anonymous said...

Anybody know who the guy with his foot on the step in the photo with Betty is?????

Never2Big said...

In the bottom picture? Joey Sergo.... I have a posting ready to go about him later this week

Anonymous said...

Great, looking forward to the post as I do every day. N2B is by far the best blog of it's type on the web!!!! Thanks for all your hard work. FMP

Anonymous said...

If you want the names of the studs - it is in the credits :)