Oct 19, 2011

Joey Sergo: aka Joey Swoll

Another one of Betty's boys. Joey Sergo aka Joey Swoll aka Tristan Joseph aka Tristan Swoll.

The 5'9" 28 year old fitness model turned bodybuilder, originally from Chicago, who first competed at the Illinois State in 2008 in a quick interview at Gold's Venice back in March:

Back in 2009 Joey looked like this:

See more of Joey on Model Mayhem and Simply Shredded, and then there's this at The Dirty.


Anonymous said...

I do not care what his name is. Check out those arms that go so well with that terrific hardbody.
Check him out in this video at 1:19for fun.

Anonymous said...

Tanks for posting a Chicago boy....gone al Hollywood or Venice on us!!!!!! FMP

Barbara said...


We both equally agree, that every time we see a photo of you; you look more AWESOME than ever.
The Very Most IMPORTANT way of doing that is the most difficult.
Stay POSITIVE which will keep you succeeding and conquering.
Bermudan ~Doc,Barbara and 4 Boys.

P. M. {DOC"} Kloepfer, Ph.D. [3] said...


Too bad you weren't the type of person that kept in touch with True, Faithful Fans.
I see you often when I am trying to see if their is anyone worthwhile to truly sponsor, in bodybuilding.
Your photogenic and bodybuilding ability, YES. Personality though, Not Really. Sadly to say.
Everywhere I see you. You get better and better, physically.

Always a Faithful Bodybuilding Fan,
Dr. P. M. Kloepfer

j4ckb1ng said...

@P.M. Kloepfer: Whoops! looks like somebody dangled money but got shot down. FYI, not everyone and everything is for sale... or even rental.

Anonymous said...

Steroids and a good diet cant hide poor genetics

P. M. Michael said...

Joey Sergo;
Plus many others reading the following

We all must LAUGH, when anyone makes derogatory remarks on here. Especially when they either leave anonymous or some graphic type name [numbers with letters].
LAUGHING in case you didn't know is the very first best thing for your health.
It does definitely secrete a chemical in your body called ENDORPHINS.
Keep up the LAUGHING. Which I know for a fact you didn't use to at all.
Much anyway. [JOEY SERGO] and many many others.
Put downs just tell the kind of person you really are.
Love to say more. Even this likely will be rejected by MOST.

Francisco Dang said...

Joey Swoll is a beast, every time I go to the gym I watch his motivation videos. This is one of them that keeps me going