Oct 30, 2011

Blog Updates

Newly added official links for:

Alain Lamas
Alexander Clarke
Alvin Viernes
Brad Rowe
Brett Azar
Christian Portzig
Eli Blahut
Evegeny Mishin
Joao Caneco
Lenyn Nunez
Marian Cambal
Micah LaCerte
Mike Francois
Peter Baers
Robert Piotrkowicz
Santana Anderson
Shane Roberts
Steve Kuclo
Tom Geel
Victor Prisk
Viorel Marasoiu

As always, bodybuilders are listed alphabetically by FIRST name.

The following sites have changed or been updated:

Fouad Abiad
Guy Cisternino

And then there are those that are no more:

Antwaun Smith
Charley Montreuil
Chris Cormier
Chris Jalali
Dan Decker

Also a shout out to fellow blogger addictno2 who's blog Muscle Addicts Inc is certainly worth a look.