Oct 5, 2011

Alberto Barrios: Posers to Boardshorts

5'8" 27 year old Alberto Barrios from Los Angeles, from posers to boardshorts...

Barrios was first in the lightheavies at the 2010 Tournament of Champions (above), having dropped to a middleweight in 2009 (7th at the California, 9th at the Excalibur).

In 2011 he switched the the Physique Class. Last June he won the Physique Class B division at the NPC Southern Cal in June (when Bradley Martyn won the overall), followed by third in Physique Class A division at the West Coast Classic.

See more of Alberto on Model Mayhem.


Anonymous said...

A shame, I call it. He still has a fantastic lower body from his bodybuilding days. Give him a few years and it will be all torso.. just like most of these physique types. And why do the shorts have to be so long and so ill fitting?