Sep 5, 2011

James Llewellin: Two Weeks Out

Llewellin updating his fans on the James Llewellin's final 8 weeks leading into the Olympia 202 Showdown!!! thread over at UK-Muscle:

"Today is saturday the 3rd of September and its exactly 2 weeks until I realise my dream and stand on the Olympia stage. I have had the toughest week yet of my prep which was bound to happen as so far its been fairly straight forward.

I've held my physique for a few weeks now but last weekend, 3 weeks out, I decided that I had held my weight and conditioning long enough to up the ante and take my prep to a new level. My physique as you know, works well on a high carb approach, so this week it was time to drop two thirds of those carbs out and do a week of around 100g of carbs daily. My first three meals contained carbs (before and post workout) and the rest were made up of protein and fat.
Although harder, I have been suprisingly fairly energetic and have felt good although now (a week on) I am very flat and finding it harder to achieve a really good pump.

My weight has dropped down this morning to a tight 13st 8.5lbs and its time today for a refeed to boost the metabolism again for the final weeks hard graft.

After ceasing cardio for 3 days I have now reintroduced it at 30 mins before breakfast and another 20 mins PWO. This next week will see this rise to an hour daily and my diet as of tuesday will be predominantly be white fish and rice with two oats meals a day. carbs will be increased a little but fats (of which I have been on around 130g daily this week) will be taken out to provide another stimulus and shift the last little bits I have remaining.

My cheat will commence at around 7pm and continue until I fall asleep. I will be seeing Mike and Leica tomorrow morning at 8am to see the result of my little experiment. I work well on 'sh1t loading' so tomorrow will see if its something to consider for the Olympia seeing as pre judging is early in the day (10.30am)"