Aug 4, 2011

Kyle Combs: Pumping Muscle

19 year old bodybuilder Kyle Combs trains arms at MetroFitness in Worthington, Ohio, from the guys at Pumping Muscle, a week before he won the teen class at the 2011 NPC Northern Kentucky bodybuilding contest. In 2010 a buzzed cut Kyle placed 4th at the Teen Nationals.


Anonymous said...

19, you must b kidding, what will he look like at 29 ???

Anonymous said...

he'll be one holy hot daddy. yummy.

Amanda Sargent said...

Anonymous 1.... He will look sexy and shredded as always and 100 lbs more of man

Anonymous 2... Ya damn right he is. Actually, he's my baby's daddy and my husband. And yes... He is yummy ������