Aug 3, 2011

Grant Pieterse: Kiwi Pro

Weighing in at 244lbs, Grant Pieterse, the 5'8" 26 year old Kiwi pro training with Moe El Moussawi four weeks put from his first pro competition outside of Australasia, the Phoenix Pro show on the 27th. Moe has been away from the competitive scene for a couple of years (he placed 10th at the 2009 Olympia) and was tipping the scales at 234lbs.

Pieterse placed 9th at the 2009 Aussie Gran Prix and 10th at the 2010 contest (below).

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Worldwide bodybuilders said...

Totally gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Smiling, confident (and why not?) beautiful and wearing the most gorgeous trunks! He gets my vote!!