Jul 15, 2011

Troy Alves: Europa Bound

5'8" 44 year old Troy Alves was runner up at both the 2010 Tampa Pro and the Europa Battle of Champions, before somehow failing to place at the Olympia. Now getting ready for the 2011 Europa Supershow in Dallas on August 12 and 13, Troy is already looking on point. First up pictures from just this week, going back to Troy at about 7 weeks out at the end of June.


Anonymous said...

Poster boy of how steroids ruin a good look

jockboy said...

anonymous, go away. there's nothing ruined here.

Troy Alves is incredibly built, no matter his age. for a 44 yr. old, he's fucking phenomenal.

sexy as hell, too. just get me into the posing room so i can stare at him and see him in those briefs -- Troy's big thick bulging cock gets me every time.

hope to see even more Alves pics as he gets closer to contest day. this is major worship material.

Cochynolo said...

I love it how ignorant jealous people who never saw the gym or weights, show their bravery behind the computer screen. Disgusting.