Jul 4, 2011

Matt Ogus: YouTube Muscle

20 year old Matt Ogus, aka FlexforAll2 on YouTube, who was runner-up at the 2010 Western USA last October (in both the Junior and Teen divisions). His very frequently update YouTube channel is all over the place, but very watchable. The kid has camera presence, and a sense of humor!

Ogus will be competing in the NANBF California Natural Muscle Mayhem BB & Figure Championships, being held in Sacramento on July 16.

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Anonymous said...

Matt looks a lot better when he's not in this severe dieting mode for a contest.

He also makes a lot of money from muscle worship, going by MuscleMatt and feeding guys who hava a fetish or who like to be dominated. Very smart guy who knows how to make a buck, and doesn't mind you looking at his ass or calling you a bitch.

Anonymous said...

OMG how do you know he is from musclematt? have been trying to find out matt and carlo's identity for a long time