Jul 25, 2011

Mark Dugdale: 4th in Tampa

He weighed in around 212-215lbs for the Tampa Pro a few weeks ago, placing 4th in the open division (just missing out the third place slot which would have secured him an Olympia berth).

A few weeks ago, when I was posting a lot about Dugdale in the rundown to the Tampa Pro, someone made a comment about his having a great ass, or so I thought (the comment was actually made about Phil). You know what though, Dugdale really does have incredible glutes, as shown below:


Cochynolo said...

His shaved head, compact bulge and phenomenal physique really work out for him well. I think he never looked better (well, except off-season of course).

jockboy said...

what a fucking ASS!

dallasmsl said...

For a while, I thought he had ruined his physique's asthetic look by getting a huge GH gut but it appears he has gotten it under control! Good for him! He looks great in my opinion.