Jul 11, 2011

João Caneco: Miami Muscle Machine

The first Portuguese bodybuilder here on N2B (or so I believe), João Caneco, the light-heavy and overall title holder of 2011 NPC Mr. Miami.

The 29 year old, 5'10" weighs in around 185 to 190lbs, and can now be seen over at Muscle Gallery.

You can visit Caneco at either his personal training and fitness site or his model site or at Facebook.


Bodyboy said...

Hurray for Joao! It couldn't happen to a more gorgeous muscle hunk of a man! I hope he makes it big competing against other top bodybuilders. Maybe a sense of aesthetically appealing muscle over sheer size is on its way back!

Cochynolo said...

I certainly hope that's not the case.

dallasmsl said...

Joao is a CRIMINAL! No man should look that good! Someone call the police! Seriously, though, I agree with bodyboy. Bodybuilding is about symmetry - and not about JUST size. The trophy should go to the man who has not just the biggest muscles but the symmetry to carry it and still look, dare I say, sexy.

Anonymous said...

Amanzingly beautiful and sexy.