Jun 3, 2011

Victor DelCampo: Countdown to USA

Getting ready for the 2011 NPC USA which will be held the weekend of July 29 at the Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall in Las Vegas. In the pictures above Victor was 188lbs at 10 weeks out, in the next set he was 180lbs a week later, at 9 weeks.

Victor, a favorite here at N2B, was runner up last time he competed at the USA (in 2008, Shavis Higa took the welterweight title). The last couple of years Victor passed on the USA in favor of the Nationals, coming in 3rd in 2009 (Higa again won the class) and falling to 5th in 2010 (Dr. Victor Prisk took the class that year). Below Victor is 8½ weeks out.

Let's hope 2011 is a good year!!!


terry castleman said...

looks great very thick neat beard