Jun 14, 2011

Robert Piotrkowicz: 2 Weeks to Toronto

The BIG Pole training bis and tris two weeks before this weekend's Toronto Pro and three weeks before the Tampa Pro, which follows just a week later.

Piotrkowicz last competed at the Europa Show of Champions at the end of April. He finished 7th. Toronto will be his 5th contest this year, Tampa his 6th, as he continue to try and qualify for the Olympia. Though the 3-time World champ isn't quite in top form this season, he is another of the Europeans who seems to struggle in the ranking on this side of the Atlantic (his top placing over here being 3rd at the 2009 Sacramento Pro).


Cochynolo said...

I have my fingers crossed for Robert. Go get 'em big guy.

jockboy said...

this sexy fucker has one hot ass -- and sure knows which posers show it off.

i'll give you a dollar for every judge who wants to bury his face up that bubble butt.

everything else is good, too ;)

Anonymous said...

What a bod!