Jun 30, 2011

Nick Noethe: Muscle Model

5'8" 198lb Nick Noethe, a 24 year old personal trainer, competitive bodybuilder and competitive fitness model from Minneapolis, MN.

Nick competed, but didn't place, in the physique Class A division at the 2011 Jr. Nationals.

In 2007 Noethe won the collegiate class at the NANBF Natural Iowa Bodybuilding, Figure And Xtreme Fit Championships.

More at Model Mayhem.


Anonymous said...

This is what I mean: lately, any gym body can put on board shorts and call himself a "physique" competitor. Time was being a bodybuilder really meant something... I don't care for this trend at all

Cochynolo said...

I completely agree with you Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

nothing against emos, but i hate that look (the rocker coif & eyeliner) paired with bobybuilding.

Anonymous said...

why do physique contests thinks it is acceptable to cover one half of your body? aren't quands, hams,glutes, legs considered muscles?