Jun 26, 2011

Jason Huh: Tampa Bay Prejudging

At RxMuscle's Tampa Pro Play-by-Play Dave Palumbo first opinion of Huh was "Better than his last showing in NY... Much tighter... Insane side poses. His legs are bordering on grotesque (in the best way possible) they’re so big. Freaky back double... Glute/hams can still be tighter... This kid is super thick all over... Crazy most muscular."

Aaron Singerman of IronMagLabs.com added "Jason Huh looks better here, but still watery. Not crisp. You could see folds of skin in his back when he did a read double bicep." Followed a little late with "Watching these guys do their quarter turns. Huh looks soft compared to the top guys."

Over at MD commentators George Farah and Shawn Ray noted that Huh "still has a watery film. More detail and less size might help him. BIG Kid!!" and "Big and thick! Thighs are huge! Back is Wide, Glutes and hams need to be tighter. Better than NY Pro."

After being called out with the 2nd group of guys (including Brandon Curry, Alex Nataf, Marc Lavoie and Khalid Almohsinawi), Palumbo added "Jason Huh has to stop worrying about being the BIGGEST (he already is) and start worrying about being the HARDEST! Then he'll start winning shows... [and then added] Aaron [Singerman] is right; he needs more oil too."


Cochynolo said...

Talk about perfection. He's amazing. Massive wide shoulders, huge torso and tremendous legs. The crotch area is looking just how I like it — small & tight. Jason must make a video for either MuscleHunks, MuscleGallery or MuscleWorship.

Anonymous said...

Looks great!!! Good symetry!!!