Jun 7, 2011

Flex Lewis: New York 202 Champ?

Well it looks like you all thought Flex the actual champ at the New York Pro a couple of weekends ago...

And I have to say I did as well. Particularly when you look at the pictures from the show individually, or even side-by-side as I posted previously.

But... I have to admit, from the MD clip below Jose does look particularly impressive from the front, and does have the size on Flex... though Flex takes the side poses and the back, almost certainly. His glutes are pretty amazing...

So, being a big fan of both these guys, I think it's pretty fair to say it could have gone either way. I don't think Flex was as quite on point as he was at the British Grand Prix, but of course this is his third show so far this year (and Jose's first).


Anonymous said...

Flex certainly has the potental, but I still believe Jose Raymond is the true overall champ and if Flex, in time, confronts Alexey Lesukov, he will be surely blown away!