Jun 13, 2011

Dan Newmire: Jr. USA Super-Heavy

Competing in his final contest of 2011 this weekend, the NPC Jr. Nationals in Rosemont, IL, will be 32 year old Dan Newmire from Georgia.

Newmire was runner up in the super heavies at the Jr. USA earlier in the year. He lost the top stop to Audrius Jegelevicius, a monster to be sure, but maybe not the most aesthetically appealing physique. I think it is safe to say Newmire's physique is definitely "prettier" (if that's a good word to describe it).

Posting in his training journal over the weekend, weighing in at 253lbs and hoping "be close to 260-265 lbs on stage without sacrificing any of my structure."

Newmire has done the shaved head thing in the past, for photo shoots and the 2008 Nationals, and I think it's time to go that route again!


Anonymous said...

One of THE hottest asses in the muscle business.

Also, the rest is completely fuckable as well.

Emily Newmire said...

Wow so nice of you anonymous , my husband us very attractive :)

Anonymous said...

Junior!!! OMG Emily, you are one lucky girl. The whole package is really tight. I love those intercostals!