Jun 22, 2011

Dan Newmire: Back with the Shave!

254lb Dan Newmire finished a respectable 5th in the supers at last weekend's NPC Jr Nationals, but the founding member of Team ChubbyKidz sounded a little forlorn in his recent blog posting as he wrote about the work needed on his middle upper back thickness, his lower lat development, and the frustrations caused by "that film of water."

Palumbo at the the RxMuscle Play-by-Play thought Dan had "tons of thick muscle.... crazy calves.... Glutes/hams.... huge delts.... good ab-thigh and most muscular." While someone with the moniker MrsNewmire seemed to think him the overall winner!


Anonymous said...

Where can I get more info on the NPC event in Chicago last weekend? Winners, rankings, photos, etc....fmp

Anonymous said...

He is SUCH an amazingly built man. So handsome, too.

Anonymous said...

Emily has to be one extremely understanding person to not only to be devoted wife, but one that gives so much support to a person that is living his dream by devoting so much time and sweat to be the best.
These pixs show where it pays off.
She SHOULD be proud of him. He looks awesome! I agree he is a winner.

Cochynolo said...

Besides being proud of him, she should be lucky to have him.