Jun 1, 2011

Alain Lamas: YouTube Muscle

The 5'10" 23 year old from Florida weighs in at 205lbs and has a whole bunch of clips on his YouTube Channel. He's also a model, and a bit more, but here are some shots from Luis Rafael Photography.

Check out his website, but beware... it's explicit.


Anonymous said...

He's a nasty boy, but great body, and awesome legs.

Anonymous said...

He's from Florida!? I've seen some porn web sites that declare he's French.. I suppose both stories are possible. As for his build: MASSIVE quads but so-so everything else.

jockboy said...

great cam shows, because he's cocky as hell and loves to flex and show off. swears like a fuckin drunken sailor and constantly talks about how fuckin hot he is.

Anonymous said...

he needs to deal with his gyno. its really really aweful and distracting.