May 30, 2011

Jose vs. Flex: You Decide

During the prejudging play-by-plays RxMuscle's Dave Palumbo wrote of Jose:

"Freaky glutes/hams…… Crazy striated…… Excellent color…… Insane back double…… Great vacuum…… Great side leg…… His legs look like Branch Warrens."

While at MD Victor Martinez said:

"Looks his best! It's him and Flex Lewis! Wow!!!"

And Shawn Ray:

"Damn, he is on! Vascular, dry, and fighting for first!"

Of Flex, Paulmbo wrote:

"Coming off 202 British Pro Win…… Knarly glutes…… Good back double biceps…… Crazy calves (look suspicious)…… Easily top 2."

Martinez thought "This is his show! Dry, thick, and balanced!" and Shawn Ray had Flex as the "Winner!"

Jose won the show, his third 202 win (after 2010's Battle of Champions and the Tampa Pro). Flex won this year's British Grand Prix after taking 2010 off to grow. His first pro win was the 2008 Europa Supershow, followed by 2009 Atlantic City Pro. Palumbo seemed to favor Jose, the MD guys' Flex... what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Side by side? JOSE all the way. He may not have Flex Lewis's calf development, but otherwise, Jose is THE physique of his weight class, the definition, vascularity. Top drawer.

Anonymous said...

Jose has improved a lot. I used to think he doesn't have as good separation as Flex, but he improved n that too. Jose all the way - more mass, more vascularity, and I love that dimpled chin!

Anonymous said...

Jose all the way! I agree with the other comments before me.