Apr 2, 2011

Dobri Delev: by Oehmen

In the last post I gave you some new Sami Al Haddad photos by Muscle Gallery's Ulrich Oehmen, today Bulgaria's Dobri Delev, who placed a surely disappointing 8th in the light-heavies at the Arnold Amateur last month.


Anonymous said...

Dude is HOT!

Anonymous said...

Just the story behind his progress and determination to go to the Arnold is enough to want him to have scored higher. He looks awesome. Not just HOT, his is SUPER HOT.

dallasmsl said...

I don't care if he only took 8th, he still has the kind of physique that looks the BEST! I'm kind of glad he hasn't turned into some kind of slab of beef that is unsexy and unhealthy.