Apr 12, 2011

Audrius Jegelevicius: Super Monster

Is it Audrius Jegelevicius or Audrius Jegelevicuius, either way the big man took home the super heavy and overall titles at the 2011 Steve Stone Metropolitan this last weekend.

Jegelevicius won the super heavies at the 2007 Eastern USA and 2008 New York Metro show. In 2009 he won both the Eastern and New York Metro shows, was awarded the overall in New York and in so doing got his pro card... back in 2009...


Anonymous said...

The man with the unpronounceable name. He's a monster. Widest back I've seen to date on a bodybuilder. Needs more thickness in the thigh, but taller men often have leaner thighs

Anonymous said...

His name is JEGELEVICIUS he is form Lithuania