Mar 31, 2011

Sami Al Haddad by Oehmen

The inaugural Amateur Mr. Olympia (and runner up in my informal 'most impressive" poll) posing in the studio for Ulrich Oehmen. Does this mean new Muscle Gallery clips are on their way? Below are some shots from his 2006 shoot (I believe) with the site.


Anonymous said...

Sami has (in my opinion) the perfect physique. He's big, thick, vascular and he's got a waist. Which only helps emphasize his shape.

Bodyboy said...

I agree! Sami would have had my vote in the poll for sure for most impressive this season. Video of his posing was kind of lackluster, but his body is perfect in photos! Tiny waist with uber sexy abs and obliques and huge pecs, delts, and biceps. His physique is just gorgeous and shapely!

Looks like Ulrich Oehmen likes his models in the same attire and same positons! Sami's shots look too similar to Alexey's!